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The Ethical and Doctrinal Values of Al-Zahraa

The Ethical and Doctrinal Values of Al-Zahraa

A symposium entitled “The Ethical and Doctrinal Values learned from Al-Zahraa” (peace be upon her) was held by Department of Quranic Sciences at Diyala Campus in the Allamah Mostafa Jawad Hall. It was delivered by:

Shaikh Abbas Al-Ageeli

Rana Kh. Naji (Department Rapporteur)

Dr. Haidar H. Al-Temimi

Mr. Jaafar Talib Hussein

The symposium dealt with the following areas:

  1. The doctrinal aspects of Fatimat Al-Zahraa (a.s.) was presented by Shaikh Al-Ageeli who supported his speech by some Quranic verses.
  2. The illustrious biography of Al-Zahraa was presented by Rana Naji who talked about the most important pillars upon which the Fatimate education is based.
  3. The social aspects of Al-Zahraa, her vital role in the days of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) & after his demise and the effect of her biography in the society at that time were presented by Mr. Haidar Al-Temimi.

Mr. Jaafar T. Hussein was the chairman of the symposium which was concluded with the appreciation of the efforts of the attendees and the teaching staff.

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