The Dean Headed the 7th Session of the College Council

The Dean Headed the 7th Session of the College Council

On Thursday 9th March 2017, the Council of Imam Al-Kadhum College held its 7th session and headed by the Dean Dr. Ali Al-Yagobi, Dean Assistants for Scientific & Administrative Affairs, College Council Secretariat, Dean Assistants in the Provincial Campuses, and the Heads of the College Academic Departments in Baghdad

The council was opened by the dean who mentioned “the peace and blessings upon the Prophet Mohammed and his household” and welcomed the attendees

The council’s session dealt with the most important matters which covered a number of areas

  • Viewing the developments at the college after completing the first semester in regard to conducting the exams in Baghdad and other provincial campuses and to following up the students’ affairs, especially those related to the intellectual and sports activities

  • Praising the efforts exerted by the teachers to overcome the difficulties at the college and following up the affairs of the college academic departments in the provinces

  • Working hardly to provide all educational requirements and learning aids for the classrooms

  • Providing workshops and enhance the practical education

  • Discussing the external relations of the college and the important meetings held with the Iraqi official figures

  1. Meeting His Excellency the President of the Republic of Iraq ‘Dr. Fuwad Maasum’ together with the S.E.O. President Sayyed Al-Mosawi and discussing the matters relevant to the college

  1. Meeting His Excellency the Minister of Interior together with the S.E.O. President Sayyed Al-Mosawi
  • Discussing the internal matters of the college such as inaugurating new administrative sections and units, approving the results of the postgraduate students, allocating an amount for the female employees’ uniforms, students academic practising in the schools, etc

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