The Academic Promotion Committee Meeting

The Academic Promotion Committee Meeting
Headed by the college dean Dr. Ali Al-Yagobi, the Academic Promotion
Committee Held a meeting on 12th March 2017
During the meeting, the committee’s mechanisms and duties were
discussed so as to reduce the difficulties that encounter their work, to go
beyond the administrative routine and to facilitate the procedures of
assisting the college teaching staff
The latest news about the college journal were discussed as it will be an
important port for the teachers to publish papers and studies for the
purpose of the academic promotion
The meeting tackled the importance of the scientific and cultural
openness to other academic institutions and cooperation with the
academic referees and experts to make use of their expertise to support
the committee’s works
The college’s care to follow up the committee’s work has been a priority
due to the fact that the committee is responsible for evaluating theteaching staff’s papers and promoting them academically

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