The Republic President Met Shia Endowment Office President & Praised Their Achievements

The Republic President Met Shia Endowment Office President  & Praised Their Achievements

His Excellency the Republic President Dr. Fuad Maasum received the Shia Endowment Office President Sayyed Alaa Al-Mosawi and his accompanying delegation on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at the Peace Palace in Baghdad

An informed media source mentioned that the S.E.O. President presented a detailed explanation about the reality of work conducted by his institution and efforts exerted in various fields in order to improve it, while being inspired by the supreme values that are constantly stressed by the highest Shiite religious authorities in Najaf in relation to all activities of the institution

Al-Mosawi hailed the role and efforts of the Republic President as a guardian for the implementation of the constitution and protection of the unity of the country. In the meanwhile, the Republic President praised the high level of support offered by the S.E.O. to the Public Mobilization fighters in various aspects, especially in terms of the medical care required for the causalities and the families of the martyrs and displaced of different areas

The Republic President also hailed the historical role played by the religious school of Hawza in the holy city of Najaf, Imam Al-Kadhum University College, and the religious schools all over Iraq for developing the intellectual aspects of the community. Furthermost, Dr. Yagobi – who accompanied the S.E.O. delegation – presented an detailed introduction to His Excellency the Republic President about Imam Al-Kadhum University College and efforts made to develop and raise the college’s level to the highest reliable accredited academies. It is worth mentioning that the Republic President was interested in the developments that the college witnessed, blessed its achievements, and emphasized the criss-crossing and intermingling the Hawza religious studies with the regular academic studies carried out at the college

Moreover, the meeting was attended by a number of consultants and the Presidential Office Chairman and a number of media channels

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