Imam Al Kazem College opens workshop and engineering studio

Imam Al Kazem College opens workshop and engineering studio
The dean of Imam al-Kadim College (p), Prof. Prof. Dr. M. Al Khaiwani opened the second engineering workshop and the special Engineering Drawing Laboratory of the Computer Technology Engineering department on Thursday 2017/10/18.


The opening was attended by section chiefs, Brigadier generals in Baghdad, the Brigadier General for Dhi Qar Maysan, Najaf, Ashraf, as well as the head of the engineering department and a number of faculty professors.


The engineering workshop includes the latest laboratory equipment that provides the application side of the section’s students, which will enhance students ‘ experience with practical information.


This is the price of Mr. Brigadier General. The steps taken by the Computer Engineering Department to strengthen the Department’s career and equip it with the latest equipment that will achieve the scientific benefit of the student to increase his engineering experience.


This work is part of a set of achievements where five other engineering workshops will be opened at the branches of the Dhi Qar, Najaf, Wasit, Maysan and Diwaniyah. Which are essential requirements for engineering disciplines and will be followed by other additional computer laboratories in the coming period.

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