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Imam Al-Kadhum College (pbuh) replaces the ceremonial atmosphere of the university day with a Consolation council

Imam Al-Kadhum College (pbuh) replaces the ceremonial atmosphere of the university day with a Consolation council

Imam Al-Kadhum College (pbuh) replaces the ceremonial atmosphere of the university day with a Consolation council

The Public Relations and Media Department organizes national events that evoked the enormous sacrifices of the martyrs of the reformist movement
The Department of Public Relations and Information at the College of Imam Al-Kadhim (pbuh), organized a memorial service for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and the reformist movement, replacing the University Day and its ceremonial atmosphere that coincides on this day of each year with a mourning and consolation stand for the families of the martyrs on Thursday 12/12/2019.

The council, which the college decided to establish as a substitute for the university’s annual celebration, included a group of activities that varied between reading the Qur’an on the souls of the martyrs and a tragic theatrical presentation that embodied the reality of self-sacrifice for the homeland and religion, In addition to invoking the great sacrifices of the martyrs with national poems represented by their fragrant memories and the extension of their national projects for the pure period of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and their heavenly projects.

The memorial council started its activities with verses from the wise remembrance and reciting the blessed surah Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of the homeland and the reformist movement, as well as the statement of the Deanship delivered by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Registration, Assistant Professor Dr. Uday al-Musawi, in which he emphasized the great sacrifices and honorable positions presented by the youth of the reform movement, including Martyrs and students of Imam Al-Kadhim College (pbuh) in supporting the issues of the homeland and citizens by calling for changing the societal situation To the levels to be achieved

Al-Musawi added that the scientific achievement achieved by the college during the past two years represents a real motivation to strengthen the scientific movement to support national efforts and direct them towards the public interest and its requirements that will achieve significant progress for Iraq in the map of science and education.

On the other hand, the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies called on Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Al-Wadhah to ask the students to invest the great sacrifices of their peers and fellow students who were martyred in the demonstration arenas and make them a lamp that illuminates their scientific aspirations and pushes them for more successes .

The symbolic celebration, which the Sports Activity Division at the college and its official Dr. Ali Nazim contributed to witnessed the honoring of the family of the student martyr Hussein Jassim Al-Sarai by the college dean and the directives of the assistant professor Dr. Ghani Al-Khaqani and direct him to facilitate all the martyr’s belongings from administrative and financial belongings in a state of moral solidarity with His family.

the students expressed their great solidarity and painful condolence to the memory of the martyrs and their message, which will remain stuck in their souls for what remains and life remains


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