Participation of the College Dean in Paris’ UNESCO Conference

Participation of the College Dean in Paris’ UNESCO Conference

Based on the directives of His Excellency the Shiite Endowment Office President ‘Sayyed Alaa Al-Mousawi’, the College Dean Dr. Ali Al-Yagobi participated in The Coordinating International Conference for the protection of the Iraqi cultural heritage in the liberated zones. The conference was held by UNESCO in Paris for two consecutive days under the sponsorship the State of Japan along with a wide international official participation from different countries around the world

A media source at the college stated that Dr. Ali submitted a research paper that attracted the attention of attendees. The research was about the legal mechanisms for protecting the cultural-religious heritage in Iraq and the effort exerted by the Shiite Endowment Office in this regard. He illustrated the destructive raids carried out against the Shiite holy shrines and sanctities in Iraq. He also mentioned the mechanisms and plans that should be implemented to mitigate the effects

Furthermore, the Dean introduced Shiite Endowment Office to the attendees along with Office related laws, formations, their relations among those formations. He also talked about the enormous efforts recently devoted to develop, maintain and keep the manuscripts, to establish some museums for the sanctities and shrines, to necessarily form specialized teams to make inventory for estimating the damages and ways to remediate them. He summarized the plans currently drawn up by the college to develop its academic departments, approaches and openness to the important international organizations

In the end of the conference’s first day, Dr. Al-Yagobi was chosen to be the coordinator for the relevant academic sessions and he was requested to give a speech about setting up a future scientific framework and coming up with recommendations. On the margin of the conference, a number of bilateral meetings were conducted with the specialists, representatives of international universities, an international organization, Ministries of both Education and Culture, and accordingly it was agreed on carrying out a number of future memoranda of understanding

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