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Dean of the College of Imam Al-Kadim (A.S.) discusses setting up joint national and cultural projects with the Foreign Service Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Baghdad 4/2/2020
The Religious and Cultural Undersecretary of the Head of the Shiite Endowment Diwan / Dean of the College of Imam Al-Kadim (A.S.), Assistant Professor Dr. Alkhaqani with the Director of the Foreign Service Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Saleh Al-Tamimi discussed onTuesday, 4/2/2020, enhancing the opportunities for scientific and administrative tender between the Institute and the Shiite Endowment Diwan and institutions and departments of The Diwan, especially the College of Imam Al-Kadim (A.S.).

Al-Khaqani clarified in the meeting that examined many topics, the most prominent of which is the activation of the institute’s role in setting up scientific programs that would perpetuate the culture of the national achievement at the level of cultural projects that reflect the positive image of culture and the Iraqi civilized achievement. The college is alike and investing the experiences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard, particularly with regard to the work of international foreign relations, as well as engaging faculty professors in the discussions of the institute’s research for scientific promotions, which the faculty professors had a distinct role in regard to, valuing The reception and the warm welcome expressed by the Foreign Ministry.

For his part, Al-Tamimi expressed his happiness with meeting and communicating with the Shiite Endowment Office, pledging at the same time to adapt the efforts and capabilities of the ministry to maintain communication in the interest of the national interest


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