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The college’s magazine raises its scientific and methodological ceiling by obtaining a global impact factor (Australian – Indian) .. The College’s Deanship commends the distinguished efforts for its management , For the practical mobility that the College of Imam Al-Kadhim (pbuh) and those in charge of managing its scientific and technical activities aimed at enhancing its position in the field of international scientific publishing have endeavored.

Information and media Dep. /I K C Baghdad

The achievement achieved is a qualitative addition to the college and its magazine, which was among the first journals classified in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which was able, through the continuous guidance and support of the dean, represented by the assistant professor Dr. Ghani Al-Khaqani, who blessed the administration of the accomplished magazine.
At the same time, he urged the activation and enhancement of the college’s standing in the global systematic scientific research fields to define the college’s standing and its path of development and modernization, as well as the efforts of the magazine’s management represented by its editor-in-chief, Dr. Alaa Kadhim, and the technical follow-up and continuous communication of the Director of the Information Technology Department, Assistant Professor Amjad Abbas Al-Tamimi, who accompanied all Controls and foundations for the journal to obtain the global impact factor (Australian Indian )Which gave the college and its teachers, as well as all researchers who have the desire to publish in the college’s journal, an opportunity to present their scientific research for publication within specific time limits and without complicated financial or administrative difficulties or constraints





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