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About College


Origin and foundation

Imam Kadhim College was founded (p) of Sciences of the Islamic University in Baghdad and Maysan under Book Shiite Endowment No. 783 on 23/11/2004 to be a scientific edifice, religiously and starting point of the thought of original Islam of the doctrine of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) and have the right to open sections in the provinces.

It was approved by the House of Representatives and the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq Law No. (16) for the year 2009 issued by the Presidential Council on 11/8/2009 and published in the Gazette of Iraq in 4133 in the number 17.08.2009. Which it has become a figure which the college moral and financial and administrative independence to achieve the goals that the college was founded in order to achieve and is represented by the faculty dean or his nominee.

The Faculty of Imam Kadhim is a subsidiary of the Shiite Endowment Foundation is based in Baghdad, and the college opened its departments in the provinces, and awarded recognized certification in a number of Islamic and human competencies in the phase of transition to the University includes most academic disciplines.

Personal College moral and financial and administrative independence and full legal capacity to achieve its goals and is one of the public welfare institutions.


To be a center of excellence and leadership in the field of university education at the level of Iraqi and Arab universities to prepare qualified high quality of professional and applied both to contribute to the overall development of the society.

the letter

Seeks Imam Kadhim College (p) to meet the community’s needs in Iraq in particular and the region in general of highly qualified academically and professionally equipped with the skills and behaviors of distinct meet renewable requirements of the labor market to fill the needs of the development plans and ensure the preservation of the heritage and identity of the community.

College Objectives

School aims to: –

1. Prepare qualified to take on the task of research and teaching in preparation scientifically consistent with the teachings of Islam.

2. Teaching Islamic sciences and humanities and contemporary science, depending on the heritage of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and his companions the good guys and the media Fiqh and diligence.

3. Contribute to expand the circle of humanity and the cognitive sciences and the development of scientific research and development to bring about developments in the quantity and quality of scientific, cultural and educational movement and confirmation of cultural awareness and scientific method and look to the future prospects.

4. use modern technology to the service of teaching and learning.

5. attract and sustain scientific talent within the university.