College Dean’s Speech

(The word Dean Dr. Ali Issa Yacoubi)

In the name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers Muhammad, The God of the good and virtuous couples Koran in the credit and its partners in the guidance. Such as the establishment of the Faculty of the Imam al-Kazim (peace be upon him) Islamic Science University is an important step on the road to creating cadres conscious project, which he believes Shiite endowment the institution for this promising scientific edifice. Despite the recent launch of this college experience and achievements it has been during the previous phase station should stop them and study them carefully to evaluate the results. In this regard, seeking Deanship of Imam Kadhim College (peace be upon him) to prepare a detailed approach represents a roadmap to promote this edifice academic Featured, this platform will be based in general to focus on cemented the scientific level and promoted through the development of curricula form that keep pace with the rapid developments taking place in the world today reflects the cultural vision based on tolerance and openness that are secured by the sponsor for this edifice Shiite endowment. As well as the development and qualification of the teaching staff, who represent the main nerve nourishing of knowledge in our college dear and without doubt dear to our students would be advantageous position in all the plans that Dean is seeking to apply it as the nucleus upon which all development projects. All these plans and ideas will not be the level that we aspire without the necessary infrastructure to provide not successful in the forefront of those structures preparation of regulations and instructions necessary for the management of this college on legal grounds regulate the rhythm of administrative work to make it rotate positions and responsibilities process more smoothly in order to reach the institution is governed by law and programs. Also tops the subject of the provision of buildings and establishment of the college deanship list of programs that seek to apply priorities. In light of all of this take a chance beginning of the new school year to NstanhiHmmm all cadres of colleagues Altdresen and administrators and Now, students work in a team spirit compact harmonious for the development of the reality of our college and continue its achievements and cemented scientific level to be exemplary and worthy of the name you bear. Sir optimistic and confident pace towards achieving all of these goals will be the title of this new school year, especially with the availability of all the human and administrative capabilities and the presence of a clear vision to achieve them. With our best wishes and prayers for all further success and excellence service for the advancement of our country Aziz, Iraq and the peace and God’s mercy and blessings

Dr. Ali Issa Yacoubi