Department of History
Department of History
About the Department
The department was established in the 2009-2010 academic year, with a bachelor’s degree in historical jurisdiction. It examines the Islamic history, the prophetic biography, the curricula of Arab historians and Muslims and the historical Arab-Islamic Movement. It aims to prepare qualified cadres to work in teaching history and to contribute to the study and dissemination of the Arab-Islamic heritage in accordance with the latest knowledge methodologies, the development of cash and analysis in the field of historical studies.
Head of Department
Eng. Dr. Maher Jabbar Mohammed Al Khalili
Ph.D. in history – University of Baghdad – Faculty of Arts
Thesis entitled “Intellectual Currents in Lebanon 1943-1952 m”
Ph.D. thesis entitled (Mahathir Mohamad and his role in the modernization of Malaysia, 1969-1991)
Teaching Materials (Renaissance – History of Asia – Third World History) – History section
Holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting – Baghdad University, 1993
Certificate holder (TOT) as international Human Development Trainer (time management and human rights)
He has a lot of research published from her:-
Syrian National Social Party and its role in Lebanon
Young people’s view of Iraq’s future in the shadow of development plans
City of Malacca and its famous Straits
A member of the Jay-Japan organization is a civil society organization, a branch of the JICA international Japan.
Also member of the Association of Baghdad Cultural Councils